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If you had your website designed already, but your developers didn't talk to you about security then you're at risk! Have a chat with us, we'll explain everything and give you a quote so you can stop worrying about your website getting hacked. We're also able to rescue your site if you have unfortunately been a target.

Our company has been using the services of GEKKO since late 2016 to design, build, and maintain our website and blog through numerous revisions, in addition to e-mail marketing services.

Not only are their design capabilities top notch, but they also take great care in their work and provide advice on what works and what doesn’t work, allowing you to avoid common pitfalls. Their most distinguishing quality, however, is their incredible response time. In the years working with them I have never felt that they were absent.

The team’s experience working with offshore clients allowed for a seamless process whereby our ideas were easily understood and implemented. We felt as if we were working with a local team down the street.

I have introduced GEKKO to multiple companies with a wide range of services – all of whom have thanked me for the connection and have been very pleased with their services. I highly recommend the GEKKO Multimedia team.

Alessandro BisagniFounder & President, BEE Incorporations