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Web Marketing (SEO/ SEM)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Once you have a website, it is only the beginning of your digital presence. The name of the game consists of "being found" when your clients are looking for you. Because of the nature of the optimisation, this strategy requires time, re-iteration and fine tuning, and is a medium to long term plan in order to gain critical position vs your competition.

We have got what it takes to optimise your site for what you do. Our methodology consists of analysing your niche and its competitive environment, after which we can define a strategy and course of action. We help create a suitable environment outside your website for reputation objective but also inside for coherence. We then measure the end-results and adjust while constantly monitoring competition’s moves.

As part of our service we also give you a report on a regular basis outlining the actions we have taken for transparency purposes.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Reach your market

Sometimes, when SEO takes longer to bear fruits, or when we need to achieve faster results, it is advisable to carry a simultaneous digital marketing strategy which does involve seeking best opportunities to advertise your digital presence, your products and services.

Unlike traditional advertising, digital marketing encompasses social media management and advertising which provides the benefits of being easily and quickly measurable. That means any action can be immediately measured and adjusted for its "dollar sense".

Our whole approach consists of finding and implementing the right blend of actions for a specific objective of your company.