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Software (CMS, CRM, Portals)

Software Development - Tailored Solutions for your business

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Custom CMS/ CRM and more

We build complicated custom CMS' and portals from scratch, exactly to the specifications of the client. Only the components that are needed are included, keeping your solution as lean and fast as possible.

Custom sites, booking engines, e-commerce, and home delivery solutions for retail are just a few examples of what is possible with GEKKO.

No matter how simple of complicated your solution is, we can tailor software to meet your exact requirements. Have a chat with us about what you need and we can send you a quote within 48 hours.

Portal Development

Custom portals developed for your business

Need a portal solution to manage your business and save you hours and hours so you can spend time on growing your business instead? GEKKO can craft a solution specific for your business and needs.

Or do you need a portal that will manage hundreds of your suppliers/ vendors/ customers. Take the pain out of manually managing contacts and get a portal to streamline all these with GEKKO.

We have decades of experience in building a wide variety of portals, some with extremely custom features. Talk to us today about how you can streamline your business and save time and money.