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Our company has been using the services of Gekko since 2015 to design, build, and maintain our website and blog through numerous revisions, in addition to e-mail marketing services.

Not only are their design capabilities top notch, but they also take great care in their work and provide advice on what works and what doesn’t work, allowing you to avoid common pitfalls. Their most distinguishing quality, however, is their incredible response time. In the years working with them I have never felt that they were absent.

Alessandro BisagniFounder & President, BEE Incorporations

Gekko Multimedia have provided good design and support for our website for the past several years. They excel at taking a brief and interpreting and realising it. Of special value is their hand holding and technical problem solving on the various issues that arise. I would recommend them to any business.

As a small office without a great deal of technical knowledge or support available internally, this is an especially important aspect of their friendly and confident support.

Dan SilverOwner, Value Added Talent

I have used Antony and his team for fixing a particularly difficult problem with my website. He was a good listener, incredibly patient, calm and allayed my fears that the problem would be fixed. I am very happy with the end result and the problem appears to have stayed fixed. I also like the fact that he is readily accessible and where possible will fix my problems within a short period of time. I will definitely use him and his company in the future.

Victoria BrunDirector - Direct Compost Solutions Pty Ltd

My company and my team had worked with GEKKO since 2016 and we have done several projects together, sorting out every issue effectively. GEKKO provides us with great support at anytime we need their assistance. The best things about them is not only just the service but they shared the trends and updates to us too. We are glad to work with them and will continue on furthering our cooperation too.

Glennyss HowMarketing Manager, GOIP Group